Humble Roots (Signed Copy) & Colored Pencils

Humble Roots (Signed Copy) & Colored Pencils


Part of cultivating humility means ridding ourselves of the notion that we are indispensable, that every moment of every day must be packed with productivity and efficiency.  Sometimes the most humble thing we can do is to take time to be unproductive. To take time to indulge in beauty.

Hidden within the pages of Humble Roots are twelve black and white botanical sketches that invite you to step away from the urgent, pick up a colored pencil, and make space for creativity.  Not all of us are gifted as artists; but as children of a God who creates, all of us can participate in the creative process in some way.  Whether it is with brush or hammer, the steady, rhythmic work of art calls us to a place of quiet and reflection. A place where we can rest in the beauty He has and continues to create.

This gift set includes a signed copy of Humble Roots and a set of 12 colored pencils in a metal tin for convenient storage.

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