Watercolor Print of Common Milkweed

Watercolor Print of Common Milkweed


“Who could believe in prophecies… that the world would end this summer, while one milkweed with faith matured its seeds?” –Henry David Thoreau

For generations, the families that live in these mountains have relied on the natural world around them to survive. One of the most useful and versatile plants is the common milkweed– beauty, food, medicine, and textiles all in one place. A veritable garden of life.

The milkweed reminds us that humble people receive God’s good gifts with gratitude, remembering that without His provision we would not survive either. But humility also calls us to commit to using these same blessing for God’s glory and the good of others. Like a milkweed pod, our lives are packed tight with potential. Our one thousand gifts are one thousand opportunities: the very means by which God intends to seed His world. The very means by which He intends to heal the nations.

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