Stormy Weather


Today’s one of those sleepy Saturdays where despite knowing that I have been awake since 7:00 this morning, there’s really little to prove it. I’m still in my sweats, I’ve been nurturing a bottomless cup of tea all morning, and now, with husband and children safely ensconced in the weekly Monopoly game, I’m heading off to nestle up under my favorite green blanket and visit my current favorite author.

A lot of it has to do with the weather. The official forecast is a high of 52 degrees with steady rain showers throughout the day.

And the delicious truth is that I. love. it.  I love bad weather—from dreary, damp, bone-chilling days to flash summer thunderstorms to fierce nor’easters that blanket the countryside white---I revel in them all.

I think it’s mostly because bad weather has the remarkable ability to force us slow down, to be still, to rest. And true, not everyone has the luxury of staying in today; my own husband had to head out to work this morning, and as he did called out over his shoulder, “Hey, do we own an umbrella?” (yes, we’re that sort of family). But for the rest of us, bad weather interrupts our plans and forces us to remember Who’s really in charge. Almost as if God Himself were saying, “For heaven’s sake, would you just please slow down? Would you just please be still? Would you just trust ME to take care of things for a bit?”

So in the slug and the slosh of muddy, drizzling days, I’m happy to let Him. And will always consider them one of His finest gifts.