If You Give a Girl a Blog

If You Give a Girl a Blog(with apologies to Laura Numeroff) If you give a girl a blog…

She’s going to ask you to read it.

When you read it, she’ll probably ask you to share it.

When you do, she’ll get so excited she’ll stay awake all night.

When she stays awake all night, she’ll start getting big ideas.

So she’ll probably write those down too.

When she’s finished, she’ll share them with you.

And she’ll start planning more.

She might get carried away and write a book proposal.

She might even send that proposal to a publisher.

She may end up signing a book contract.

When she does, she’ll feel overwhelmed and want to hide.

She’ll wonder why she ever agreed to it in the first place.

She’ll probably want to quit altogether.

So you’ll have to remind her.

When she remembers, she’ll get so excited that she’ll start writing again.

She’ll spend even more time in front of the computer and miss your favorite shows.

She’ll stay up late at night.

When she stays up late at night, she’ll get sleep-deprived and won’t be able to finish chapter 8.

So she’ll take a nap.

(She’ll take lots of naps.)

When she wakes up, she’ll finish chapter 8.

And 9, 10, 11 and 12.

When she finishes chapter 12, she’ll send it to the publisher.

Then she’ll have to wait.

While she’s waiting, she’ll start to feel hungry.

So she’ll eat a snack.

(She’ll eat lots of snacks.)

Eating lots of snacks will make her feel pudgy.

Feeling pudgy will make her think about going on a diet.

Thinking about going on a diet will make her think about other things too.

So she’ll write them down.

When she writes them down, it will remind her of writing a book.

And chances are, when she writes a book…

She’s going to want to blog about it.


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